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I decided to start this blog for a very simple reason - to share my love and knowledge of all things Disney with family, friends and future colleagues. I wanted it to be simple, easy to read, and straight to the point. My desire was to give my readers a trustworthy and accurate place to go in order to receive precise,  up-to-date information without all of the rumors, opinions and "breaking news" from the so-called Disney "experts and insiders" and fanboys/girls that we all know reside in internet land!

This blog will feature the following:
  • Accurate and up-to-date information directly from Walt Disney World (verified)
  • Positive and uplifting points of view
  • Fun Facts
  • A good story every now and then
What you WILL NOT find on this blog:
  • Forums (they are nasty, long-winded and full of "know-it-alls")
  • Catchy acronym's that only a select few will understand (and believe me, that's how they want it)
  • Rumors and Speculation
  • Negativity about Disney or other theme parks
If you are a lover of all things Disney, then this blog is for you and I welcome you with open arms. If you desire rumor, speculation and think you have the power to persuade Disney to get rid of Duffy, change the American Adventure costumes back to their original style or if you really believe that you were solely responsible for Disney re-writing their plans for Starbucks and the Main Street Bakery then I invite you to go elsewhere. You will not hurt my feelings.

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