Monday, September 17, 2012

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Fun Facts

  • Total property size: 87 acres
  • The Nemo pool has 310,000 gallons and is the largest pool on Disney property, not counting water parks
  • If you combined all the swimming pools, you could park 125 cars inside the pools
  • For the first time ever at any Disney resort hotel,  in-room décor pieces may be purchased at the gift shop. Ink & Paint Shop offers such items as the “Bruce” shower curtain or cozy cone lamps
  • The flooring in Landscape of Flavors is made from all recyclable materials. And Guests will dine with real silverware on melamine, reusable dishware instead of paper and plastic
  • Guests can enjoy the convenience of a self-service business center, the first one to be offered at a value resort
  • The Pixel Play arcade is cashless; but instead uses a swipe card with recharging stations
  • Its 27 acres of landscaping and irrigation is the equivalent of twenty football fields
  • With 227,000 lineal feet of carpet could stretch from downtown Orlando to Kennedy Space Center
  • There are over 529,000 square feet of ceramic tiles on the project, enough to cover a standard two-lane road four miles long
  • If you stacked up all the doors at the resort, they would be as tall as the Empire State Building
  • There’s enough metal railing to wrap around the new Amway Center eight times
  • The project used 23,000 gallons of paint, which is enough to fill a typical backyard swimming pool
  • There are over 2,300 parking spaces within the project, which is approximately the number of players in the NFL
  • More than 800 construction jobs were created, and at full operation it will create 750 resort hotel jobs

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