Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Disney clarifies changes to the Main Street Bakery with the introduction of Starbucks

Disney has posted an update on the Official Disney Parks Blog regarding the upcoming changes to the Main Street Bakery and the integration of Starbucks. 

The change that will see Starbucks introduced into the Main Street Bakery in mid 2013 has generated a lot of discussion on many Walt Disney World fan forums. No doubt many Disney fanboys will be taking credit for this "update" from Walt Disney World and once again will lull themselves into some false sense of accomplishment that they forced Disney's hand and made them do the right thing. Poppycock! Disney knew they were doing the whole time. They are absolutely in no position to answer to each and every fanboy call, nor should they ever be. They are a business ladies and gentlemen, and a very good one at that.

Whew. That is why I DO NOT host forums on MikeandTheMouse - everybody is an expert!

UPDATE 11/12: Here’s some additional information about our Walt Disney World Resort Starbucks locations. The Main Street Bakery will keep its name and theming when it reopens in early summer. It’ll also continue to serve Disney favorites like cookies, brownies and seasonal cupcakes, in addition to Starbucks signature beverages and other items. And for those of you who asked in comments, the cinnamon rolls are available at Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland, and the ice cream sandwiches are available at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, U.S.A.