Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An open letter to the Cast Members of the Magic Kingdom

Happy New Year!

I wanted to take this opportunity to send out a HUGE and HEARTFELT thank you to the Cast Members of the Magic Kingdom. Particularly the ones that gave up their New Year's Eve to spend it with 80,000 + Magic Kingdom guests.

Without a doubt, you had your work cut out for you last night. I know because I had the pleasure of spending 13 hours with all of you on New Year's Eve. During that time, I witnessed no fewer than half a dozen incidents in which guests felt "inconvenienced." All because of the fact that you were simply doing your job. And what a GREAT job you were doing. Between the pushing, screaming, and unfortunately some name-calling, you held it together extremely well. You kept a smile on your face, the 'Happy New Years' flowing and the heavy traffic moving, the very best that you possibly could.

The Magic Kingdom, like any big theme park, will always get flack from someone for doing something wrong with a big event like this. I have to say that I expected MASS chaos. That is to be anticipated at any New Year's Eve celebration at such a high-profile location. My expectation was correct. It was mass chaos. However, it was EXTREMELY ORGANIZED mass chaos. From the huge exodus out of The Hub, the carefully orchestrated park exit and the insane queue line to get onto the monorail and the ferryboats, the chaos was under control. The hard work and preparation that evidently went into this evening shown very well. KUDOS!!!

Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention the hundreds of Magic Kingdom performers that entertained throughout the day - you guys and gals are amazing and I kinda have a soft spot for you as I know a few of you personally and I know how hard you work! From the parades, character greetings, stage shows and special events, you folks are certainly some of the best that Disney has to offer.

So thank you...

Thank you for keeping your cool. 
Thank you for being courteous. 
Thank you for being organized.
Thank you for being so talented.
Thank you for being so amazing.
Thank you for making it all look so very easy. 
Thank you for the permanent smile. 
Thank you for the great attitude. 
Thank you for making our New Year's Eve one we will remember forever!


  1. Was traffic bad? I remember working on Nye and traffic was horrendous around downtown Disney. Vista Way should have had busses go back way.

  2. The only traffic snag I ran into was on Osceola Parkway by ESPN. World Drive coming from the MK was relatively light traffic. I know that DTD was insane last night and I understand they had to re-route a lot of traffic. That's what happens when you offer an event for FREE!!!!


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