Friday, February 8, 2013

Imagineer Shares Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Tips & Secrets

From the Official Disney Parks Blog:

Have you tried Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom yet? Wait, let me rephrase that – have you played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, collected the cards, and learned the different spells by heart yet?

In case you’re new to the game, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an in-park interactive experience in which guests join forces with Merlin to defeat Disney Villains who are scheming to take over Magic Kingdom Park. Guests use maps to search for villain hideouts throughout the park, visit magic portals and use magic spell cards to foil each villain’s plan. Deciding which card to use is the best part – there are 70 cards in the base set, plus two limited-edition party cards you can collect that each feature a different Disney character, and each character has a magical power unique to him or her. And some spells are stronger than others.

For those of you who are ready to take your game to the next level, Imagineer Jonathan Ackley recently shared some inside tips on how to make the most of your experience. Here they are:

  • Pay attention to spell choice – Spell choice is key in the game’s advanced level. Villains may be susceptible or resistant to certain spell types, which are: Gross, Charming, Strong, Flying, Wishful, Quick and Energy.
  • Villains can react differently to the same spell – When you cast a spell on a villain that is resistant to that type of spell, the spell casts at one level below your current power for that spell. If the villain is weak to the spell, the spell casts at one power level higher than your spell’s current power.
  • You can cast more than one spell at a time – When used correctly, simultaneously cast spells can “boost” each other, making all the spells hit with greater power. When used incorrectly, simultaneously cast spells can reduce their overall effectiveness.
  • You can make a spell stronger – Note that the more you cast a spell, the more powerful that spell becomes.
  • It’s also possible to deplete a spell’s power – Repeated use of a spell during a single battle depletes the spell of its potency, so when facing a villain it’s best to use at least three different cards of the correct type for that villain. Spell power regenerates between battles, so the loss isn’t permanent.
  • The better the performance, the better the “grade” – At the end of a full game, you’re graded at Bronze, Silver or Gold Sorcerers Level. The more battles you win, the closer you’ll be to earning a gold (and vice versa). Achieving Gold status gets increasingly difficult as you go to medium and hard levels.

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