Monday, June 1, 2015

Star Wars Weekends - WEEK #3

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

It was another incredible weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios! Week #3 of Star Wars Weekends made memories for thousands of people, both young and old alike! However, for a certain group of young Padawans and their parents, "this will be a day long remembered" as they were invited to take part in the celebrity motorcade.

This grand motorcade features several of your favorite Star Wars Characters and celebrities. The procession begins at the front of the park and travels all the way to the Star Wars Weekends Event Stage—concluding with a grand celebrity welcome. 

As a prelude to the motorcade, select young Disney guests (and one parent/guardian) are invited to take part in the parade and march down Hollywood Boulevard in full Jedi attire with lightsabers at the ready! They are led by their very own Jedi Master and members of the Star Wars Weekends Special Events Crew. Falling in right behind them are members of their family who seem to be having just as much fun (if not more) as they are.

The Legends of The Force Motorcade is highlighted by the visiting celebrities of the week:

Steve Blum (Zeb Orrelios) from Star Wars Rebels

Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett) Star Wars: Episode II and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels

Warwick Davis (Wald and Wicket The Ewok) Star Wars: Episode I and VI

James Arnold Taylor (Obi Wan Kenobi) Star Wars: The Clone Wars (plus a MILLION other voices!)


Introducing our PADAWANS!

Can you find yourself in the video?


A HUGE thank you goes out to the CAST and CREW of Disney's Hollywood Studios and in particular the Special Events Staff that makes these AMAZING memories possible each and everyday! Blessings to you all for what you do! We appreciate you more than we will ever be able to convey!

May The Force Be With You!

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