Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Star Wars Weekends - Week 5

Well, another Star Wars Weekends has come and gone at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Five weekends of some of the best adventures in the galaxy!

Disney made quite a few changes in this years event. While some found them to be inconvenient, the majority of the guests that I spoke with were very happy with the way things ran this year. All I can say is, if you found yourself inconvenienced it's because you weren't properly prepared. Any event that has the title Star Wars in it is bound to be busy. It's best to expect the unexpected. Stay on your toes, follow the rules, be flexible and you'll be just fine. Find yourself being inconsiderate to others, cast members included, and you won't be forgotten. And not in a good way. Unfortunately there are a few that attended that thought that they were above the rules. Sadly for them, things didn't really go their way. Social media is very powerful. It's extremely difficult to hide behind your keyboard, your Facebook or your Twitter and not have someone know who you are. 

But enough of that...

We all know what Star Wars Weekends is really about, right? The KIDS! Both young and old! Once again the cast and crew for Star Wars Weekends did not disappoint! Along with a plethora of fine young Padawans (pictured below) and their loved ones, we were able to march along in the final Legends of the Force Motorcade - the looks on the faces were priceless! Most of us come to Disney for the rides and shows. These lucky few WERE the show!

I know that LOTS of Disney Magic was made for the family pictured above - the little Padawan (second from the left in the front row) captured and melted many a heart that day! Thank you Dianne for making the most MAGICAL of MAGICAL MOMENTS!

Take a look at all the great young Padawans - the future of Star Wars is in very good hands!

To all the Padawans that marched that day I say GREAT WORK! It was a very warm day and you guys and gals (grown-ups too) did an AMAZING job keeping up in the heat! Everyone was proud of you and loved seeing you out there.

Below you'll find video from the parade route with the Padawans right in front of us - I think I can speak for all of us experienced Jedi that we were just as excited as the younglings!

For those of you that were marching, here's a look at what some of you may have missed:

As always, a HUGE thank you to the Cast and Crew for Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios - each day they go above and beyond and make some amazing memories for their guests. The next time you pay a visit to Walt Disney World Resort, tell them thank you every chance you get - they are the memory makers. The magicians. The ones that keep WDW churning at break neck speed! 

I'd love to give a personal shout-out to the Disney's Hollywood Studios Park Event Operations Team - this gang kept it going for five weekends straight without missing a beat!

Dianne, Kurt, Julie, Nikki, Susan, Judy, Irving, Fran, Shaun, Brandon, Chris, Jose, Kelsie, Shaun, Sarah, Alissa, Adam, Jeannie, Lance, Lisbeth, Kyle, Larry, Allyson, Joe, Jeremy, Marguel, Brittany, JoJo, Heidi, Annie, Kim, Charity, Catherine and Carissa, the merchandise team at Darth's Maul, the managers and coordinators, the talent and the technical crew! If I missed any names or misspelled anything, PM me and I'll tell you who to blame! 

As always, thanks for your support and for trusting mikeandthemouse.com for all of your Disney information! 

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